No Pants in 2K8 Son!!

I saw this today on the New York Magazine website and I had to share...

Improv Everywhere has sent out the invitation to all to join them on their annual (thanks stupid head Jaime) No Pants Extravaganza!!
Improv Everywhere has been organizing this event since 2002 where train riders, under strict guidelines and protocol, take off their pants on the 6 train and ride from Brooklyn Bridge to 125st and back.

This is another reason why i absolutely love my freakin' city, people think up of random shit like this, and in the name of art and culture.... people actually do it!! It's genius!

Check out Improv Everywhere's website to see their previous "missions" and how you can join their artsy shenanigans...
ahh I live for this stuff.

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Etisha said...

Heh, my friends did this. I nearly did too but decided to redecorate the new place instead.