Gimme Some MO......MA

So i finally made it out to see the Seurat Drawings exhibit at MOMA yesterday...damn near a whole 2 months after I initially set out on my journey.
And while Seurat was an amazingly prolific artist; He created a shitload of these amazing pieces

And While he is a technical genius; Seurat did 'studies'(smaller detailed works) before all of his large canvas pieces. Most of them using the Conte Crayon and Michallet paper as the medium of choice.


Large Canvas Piece

(Note the study figure is featured in the center of Bathers at Asniers.)

...Unfortunately I really wasn't able to sink my teeth into the works as I originally had hoped. For at the Museum yesterday there was an over abundance of this creature, so native to museums, exhibits, concerts and other cultural happenings....
Old White People.

No don't get me wrong, I am by no means racist, but Old White People have a tendency to move at an alarming slow rate and due to poor vision, get really close to the paintings taking all the good viewing space, therefore rendering you to the perimeter of any feasible viewing distance.

Now, While i realise that they probably contribute the majority of the funds that support museums...they don't have to hog all the good space like that!! Come on Son!!

...so Whatever. My Travel companions and I decided to mosey on down to Cafe 2 where we took a break (ie: 5 mins for art & 40 mins for Food) and sipped on delicious earl grey tea (hello free refils...get into it!) and nibbled on gourmet treats.
By far the star of the day was Danny Meyer the executive chef behind Cafe 2, Terrace 5 and The Modern, the trio of delicacies that are housed in the MOMA.

I ordered this lovely number
.. known as Affogato. Its an Italian dessert that combines Vanilla Gelato and Hot Espresso. I know what you're thinking, that just equals brown soupy/goo..
Quite the contrary, the consistency of the gelato holds up against the heat of the espresso yielding a softer gelato and a great dessert to add to your rotation.
It's super easy to make and a great way to impress dinner guests.

So next time you can't keep up with all of the hustle and bustle of museums, chill out take breather, and get something to eat.
PS: they also have wine and great imported beers...major plus!!


Jill said...

Chick, I had a great time Sunday. We should do it more often...maybe even ANNUALLY...that one's for you J...lolol...

jae said...

cuz u gotta take me to these places when I am there next bumming off your family for the summer..