By the way those weren't chocolate chips....

Well it seems like their bad business practices have come home to roost and The Department of Health just wasn't havin' it!!

The Cake Man Raven "bakery" (we'll discuss that title bakery in a few...) of Fort Greene Brooklyn has been closed by the DOH. The "bakery" famous for long lines, bad service and sometimes Red Velvet Cakes, was closed last Wednesday due to, according to Cake Man aka Raven Patrick De'Sean Dennis III, "a mixup with permits" (ie: shady).
But according to a follow up that was conducted by New York Magazine, the DOH released this statement:
Cake Man Raven was closed following a routine inspection on Wednesday, January 9, 2008. The inspection revealed that Cake Man Raven was using an un-permitted commercial kitchen to prepare some of the food they were selling. In addition, fresh mice droppings were observed and cakes were not stored at the proper temperatures to prevent spoilage. In order to reopen, Cake Man Raven must rectify the violations and contact the Health Department to schedule a re-opening inspection.

Shady, trifling, just plain ole bad business!!
Unfortunately I'm not surprised that Cake Man got caught out there. He is not the greatest business man and I'm shocked that he has been open as long as he has.
Personally, I've had many run-ins with this alleged "bakery" and found them to be simply ridiculous and severely lacking in honesty and customer service (Don't tell people the cakes are being iced when ya damn well know there's no cake in the entire building!!)

For more of the testimonies of this "bakery" check out its customer review on Citysearch...all 23 of them


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Oh God I feel sick. Thank Jesus I didn't buy any red velvet in October. Ughhhhh!
Well I'm gonna make some red velvet this weekend. Just to remind myself that it can be made well and in a clean environment..
(no but I really feel sick!)

Etisha said...

He still owes me $800 dammit!! (Thus spaketh the karma angel)

Jill said...

That's totally digusting!! I'm happy something is being done about this.

Jae said...

I aint ever been, but its safe to say I aint gonna go even if they open back up. But I do like me some cake.. so my good ole cousins over dey best start to learn how to make cake..

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Snobbette I love you like freshly baked bread...so please hurry up and update ur site! :o)