No, not that stuff silly!! This is where I fill all you Snobbers in on whats been going down since my last post.

  • Word on the street is that Cakeman Raven has re-opened for business... Hope he hired a Public Relations rep (to lie properly on his behalf) and fired his cleaning lady (more like cleaning Aunty or nephew, they got serious staffing issues!). And Contrary to popular belief, (Rhonda), my post about Cakeman wasn't intended to be evil, just super critical. I mean thats what I do here. Rather than just bitch and moan to y'all in person, I've taken it to the net where everyone can hear my big bitchy mouth( of course under the guise of this blog I also get people more involved in the music, fine arts, culinary arts and culture as a whole. But most importantly I want you all to be more critical of the nonsense that people try to pass off to us. I want us all to be more critical ) okay...enough with the After School Special, back to dishing the hate!!

  • In Local news, The former Williamsburgh Savings Bank of Fort Greene Brooklyn,
Has officially been regentrified/ reincarnated as The Amazing One Hanson Place.

On Wednesday January 16, the first tenant officially moved into the now Hi-Rise Condo and its famous clock tower resumed its time telling functions after being out of commission for roughly 17 months.
*** The Condo Will Kill Brooklyn!! Don't buy into this people! Fort Greene has like 1 Crackhead left. The Milks gone sour!! You saw how they turned out Williamsburgh, or "WillyB" as its now known. Granted the take over started a while ago, but not High Rise Condos!! Have you no decency people ?? ***

But check out this amazing picture that was featured in the Times (hey, its art).

Speaking of Crakheads: After having her photo taken...while SMOKING CRACK, Amy Winehouse actually went to rehab.

While I remember Amy's first album, you know when she actually sang, not slurrred her way thru performances and most importantly when she actually hid her drug use( I'm not that naive, she looks quite comfortable maneuvering that pipe).

I pray she gets it together for real for real and avoids the ominous fate of our beloved Gator

  • In the Political world, Obama took South Carolina in the states Democratic primary this past weekend.

While I don't know much about politics (sad, but true), I am Black (good and true).

  • And Last, but most definitely not least......I graduated from College on Thursday January 24, 2008 at 3pm

..So you know what means right?.... I've been officially armed and licensed to distribute my propaganda!! (all in the blessed name of Journalism)

Watch out Mofos!!! Here I Come.....


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Genius chick. Thats why I love ur posts, Gator and Obama in one section, lol
Let the world domination begin!
(and ummm don't forget your cousin when ummm u make it big because i really would make a good assistant, researcher, coffee carrier...you know what I'm saying!)

Etisha said...

"I pray she gets it together for real for real and avoids the ominous fate of our beloved Gator"
LOL!!! I don't even know who Gator is but that pick was hilarious